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Holiday Safety Tips

December 12, 2018

Holiday Theft.
Overall, theft tends to rise during November and December, so secure everything you can. Lock up homes, vehicles, and businesses. Leave on outside lights at night or set a timer when leaving.

Travel. Sharing travel plans can expose your home to thieves. If you're traveling to visit friends and family during the holidays, wait until after you return to share it on social media. Ask a trusted family member or friend to check on your home while you are away.

Lighting Hazards. One of every four Christmas tree fires is caused by electrical problems. Always check Christmas tree lighting for broken bulbs and damaged wiring. If cracks and damages are found, throw them away. Do not use them.

Car Accidents and Injuries to children increase during the holiday season. Always make sure children are securely buckled during car rides and don't drive after drinking alcohol. Be extra cautious when traveling at night on holidays such as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve when there is a higher incidence of impaired driving.

Seasonal Illnesses. Your chances of catching a cold or flu this holiday season are very high. In fact, the CDC estimates that adults have two to three colds each year. the best way to protect yourself is by washing your hands with soap and water frequently, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and staying away from people who are already infected. The CDC recommends a yearly flu shot as the best way to prevent infection.

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