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VITEMA Closely Monitors Tropical Depression on Course to the USVI

September 17, 2019

U.S. Virgin Islands – The Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA) is closely monitoring Tropical Depression Ten which is anticipated to develop into a tropical storm later today.

Tropical Depression Ten is forecasted to strengthen over the next serval days, however, the motion and direction is still difficult to assess at this time.

“VITEMA has not ceased its preparation and coordination operations since Hurricane Dorian and we stand ready to respond to any disturbance that may pass in the territory’s vicinity,” said VITEMA Director, Daryl D. Jaschen. “For the entirety of the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season, VITEMA will continue to make the necessary preparations to ensure that we are able to keep up with the uncertainty that these storm systems often bring.”

VITEMA continues the campaign to encourage residents to:

  • Collect a ten (10) day minimum supply of nonperishable food and water for consumption and hygiene purposes, medications, a flashlight, batteries, cash, and first aid supplies
  • Consider the special needs of elderly members and pets
  • Plan how to communicate with family members if you lose power. Remember that during disasters, sending text messages is usually reliable and faster than making phone calls because phone lines are often overloaded.
  • Protect your property. Trim trees and secure objects that can become projectiles. Declutter drains and gutters. Install check valves in plumbing to prevent backups. Consider hurricane shutters. Review insurance policies.
  • Ensure your generator works when you need it most, be sure to perform regular maintenance and services. Never operate your generator indoors. Always store gasoline outside of the home at a safe distance away from the generator in a well-ventilated area.

“Taking a proactive position prior to a storm will help alleviate some of the burdens caused from the impact,” said Jaschen. “Be prepared for power outages, water shortages, and obstructed roadway conditions even if the territory is spared from impact.”